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Fundamentals of Gas and LNG Masterclass

Fast track your understanding of the entire gas value chain

Fundamentals of Gas & LNG


Monday 15 October 2018 | 09:00 – 17:00 | From USD 1,299.00

Fast track your understanding of the entire gas value chain. Grasp the key concepts and features of the gas and LNG industry and broaden your knowledge on the technical, commercial and operational fundamentals. This Master Class will provide you with a unique opportunity to improve your understanding of the technical and commercial fundamentals of the gas and LNG industry.

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Master Class Agenda


  • Why gas is an attractive fuel
  • The outlook for gas and LNG globally
  • The LNG value chain model: technical / commercial / operational aspects and the importance of ongoing cost optimization
  • The LNG cost chain model: US LNG and the impact it may have on the overall Global LNG business
  • Outlook for the global LNG business to 2025
  • Current challenges and opportunities 
  • Growing gas on gas competition
  • Emerging new indices
  • Choices available for pricing LNG 
    • LNG Supply: trends in new liquefaction, costs, project business models and financing
    • Outlook for ageing plants and extending their lives
    • LNG demand: the importance of Asia, the growth outlook in India, FSRUs globally, new applications for LNG
    • The role of Europe in balancing global LNG supply 
    • LNG commercial trends: sales and purchase contracts, spot and short term trading, its potential to grow
    • LNG shipping outlook
    • Emerging commercial trends from major LNG players, including producers, global portfolio players, utilities and traders
    • Opportunities and challenges facing the industry in the medium term — Group discussion and Q and A 

    Course Leader


    Patricia Roberts

    Managing Director

    LNG – Worldwide LTD


    Since 2005 Pat has been the Managing Director of LNG Worldwide Ltd, a consulting company offering advice, support and training in all areas of the LNG commercial supply chain. Previous to that Pat has 24 years of experience with the Shell Group of companies both in oil and natural gas. Her direct experience in LNG is in the area of developing and implementing LNG strategies for new market entrants and companies seeking to strengthen partnerships with LNG producers. This includes working in all commercial areas across the LNG value chain. Her work has included working with governments, NOCs, IOCs and utilities and she has advised on structuring and optimising LNG supply portfolios. Coupled with her commercial experience is also a strong grounding in fundamental market analysis and strategic planning.

    By attending this Master Class you will:


    • Fast track your understanding of the gas value chain
    • Boost your comprehension of the legal and commercial structures supporting upstream and downstream
    • Develop an understanding of the technical, commercial and operational issues
    • Understand global market forecasts, E&P trends and techniques
    • Optimise your decision making process by learning economic and investment imperatives
    • Master industry jargon

    Who should attend:


    • Commercial Managers
    • Government Officials
    • New executives to the industry
    • HR Managers
    • Marketing and Sales Managers
    • Tax and Accounting Personnel
    • Legal Managers
    • Strategists and Planners
    • Public and Community Relations Executives
    • Bankers, Insurance Personnel and Investors


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